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Our straps were designed with the FST specialist and PT in mind. We want our straps to match your individuality and creative flair. We offer a wide variety of custom colored straps that will better suit your business colors and personality. Colors are always more fun!

See the Difference

The difference in our straps is that we combine the soft stretchable neoprene with the ability to adjust an even greater variance for smaller or larger tables by using the buckles versus a velcro anchor. Velcro also wears down over time and gathers dust, lint, and other particles onto it, decreasing the efficiency.

Privacy & Safety

We use a third party service that includes paypal and stripe for credit card payment options. These services allow for refunds, however this is at our discretion, and we will not sell, distribute or share your payment information in any way from our end. 

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

-Credit / Debit Cards

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