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For the month of July we will hold our longest sale ever! For the entire month of July straps will range from 10 - 20% off. The percentage will vary each week as the price discounts will change for the 3 set of straps in a weekly roulette discount!



NEOPRENE MATERIAL - Our colored neoprene straps are made from 3mm or 4mm neoprene material (based on color availability in the sheets) measuring 38"x4" typically. This measurement allows our straps to fit efficiently on both wide or narrow tables. The neoprene material allows for a minor stretch and a soft, comfortable feel against your client's skin. Machine washing is recommended after removing the buckle and air drying to preserve color and material.

Current 4mm colors: Black, Blue, Red, Charcoal

Current 3mm colors: Forest Green, Purple


Our custom straps use a double adjustable buckle that can be lengthened or shortened at either end and are anchored to 15"x2" black nylon straps that are triple stitched to the neoprene / vinyl.


UPDATE: All straps are sold as pictured.



1. The Neoprene Straps are not meant to be strong anchors for aggressive stretching. 

2. The NEW product we will have is our traveling Joint Distraction System. This allows you to anchor your unit to the table and add a new level of traction at the hip and shoulder passively while actively performing your stretches. This is an added benefit to helping create more space in the joints and even adding more stretch through the entire body.

We will respond to emails asap when our schedules allow it. Please understand we will always do our best to respond in a timely manner. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding with our deliveries! 

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