MARINE VINYL - Our newest product for your COVID-19 safety and cleanliness needs. These straps are Flexa Marine Vinyl that is mold/mildew resistant, UV treated and 3rd party tested for quality. They are constructed as 2-tone colored (black on one side / color on the other.) 2mm 50"x4" will fit tables between 27" - 32" width. These straps do not need to be machine washed and can be disinfected immediately before and after use and then simply wiped dry. 


NEOPRENE MATERIAL - Our colored neoprene straps are made from 3mm neoprene material measuring 38"x4" typically. This measurement allows our straps to fit efficiently on both wide or narrow tables. The neoprene material allows for a minor stretch and a soft, comfortable feel against your client's skin. Machine washing is recommended after removing the buckle and air drying to preserve color and material.


Our custom straps use a double adjustable buckle that can be lengthened or shortened at either end and are anchored to 15"x2" black nylon straps that are triple stitched to the neoprene / vinyl.


NOTE: All straps come as a pair. The black strap featured in the picture is for contrast and not included in order.



Our company is a small 2 person run business and we sincerely appreciate your business. Because of this it may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks for shipping based on manufacturing, materials and our shipping schedules. 

1. The Neoprene Straps are not meant to be strong anchors for aggressive stretching. 

2. The Strong Anchor 2.0 Straps are designed for stronger anchoring of heavier legs and consist of full nylon strap with neoprene and a side buckle for easy anchoring and adjustment.

3. The Vinyl Straps will be discontinued for a period of time after this stock sells out.

We will respond to emails asap when our schedules allow it. Please understand we will always do our best to respond in a timely manner. 


Thank you for your patience and understanding with our deliveries!